Bucket List: Being in 4 Places at Once


If any of you have ever seen the movie A Walk to Remember, then you might recall the scene where the guy makes the girls dream of being in 2 places at once come true by driving her to the nearest state line. After watching the movie (and not understanding why every high school love story must be epic), I found myself thinking about how awesome the idea of being in 2 places at once actually was. I was jealous that I hadn’t thought of it on my own and found myself looking into cool places to experience the same sort of moment. While admittedly I’m not proud of having this particular film be the basis of any item on my bucket list, without it I never would have discovered the Four Corners Monument and known that I could stand in 4 places at once.

Flickr - 4 corners - Ethan Trwehitt

Flickr Photo: © Ethan Trewhitt – Four Corners

Located in the Navajo Nation, the Four Corners Monument is named for the place where Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado meet. It’s the only place in the United States where four states intersect at one point, and the only place where you can stand evenly in 4 places at one time. Since the monument is pretty much out-of-the-way no matter which state you happen to be in, I’m under the impression that it’s not exactly something you visit on a whim. You’re probably going to have to plan for it.

The good news is that its remote location, supposed lack of electricity, running water and telephones means that the price is only a reasonable $5 fee and the long drive you’re probably going to have to make to get there. While I doubt this remote little monument is anywhere near as spectacular as the temples in Angkor or the Grand Canyon, the idea of being in 4 places at once is somehow more intriguing to me than both. It might sound a little silly, but the fact that there is nothing breathtaking about it makes being able to do something extraordinary all that more interesting, and being in 4 places at once is certainly a little extraordinary if you take the time to think about it.

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