C’est la vie

C'est La Vie

Sometimes wandering through life has a lot less to do with traveling and experiencing news things, and a lot more to do with dealing with everyday occurrences and setbacks that come up along the way. Right now, I’m definitely experiencing the latter.

It’s been a little over a month since my last post and the day I lost my job, and I seem to be hovering in limbo, waiting for something – anything – to happen. It’s not that I’m hoping for a winning lottery ticket to suddenly appear on my bedside table or for the universe to send me some sort of magnificent sign, I’m just waiting for someone to hire me so I can go about life as usual and stop spending obscene amounts of time indoors. It’s boring inside. Like really boring… and all the books and movies in the world can’t keep me from the constant reminders and images online of how wonderful our world actually is…. and that only makes my wanderlust even worse. c’est la vie. 

Since there probably won’t be that many new adventures coming up for me to relay to all of you here on my blog, I’ve decided to try something different. Each week I’m going to share something new from my ever-growing travel bucket list. Some of the posts might be about places I’ve already been to, places I’m dying to go to, or places I’m not even sure how to get to. My hope is that by sharing my list, you too will not only be inspired to travel the world and look at it in a different way, but will realize that although life may have the power to knock us down and keep us from the things we love, it can’t keep us from imagining all the wonderful things the future holds.

I hope you’ll find my posts inspiring, and will in turn inspire me by sharing any places I’ve undoubtedly missed or any tips for making the experience of each place better.

2 thoughts on “C’est la vie

  1. This might also be a time to look around your own “place” in the world. Perhaps look and listen to the folks nearby. You could listen to their stories about their personal journeys,histories, and life lessons and write about them. Everyone has a story to share and you’re a good enough writer to make them sparkle! Asking, listening, putting yourself in their shoes, teasing out the details. I’d be interested!


    • Hey Aunt Mindy. I’m not sure how I missed your comment, but I apologize for taking so long to reply to you. I like the idea you mentioned about interviewing people about their personal journeys. I always like listening to the stories of others, and will have to keep the idea in mind with each new person I meet. Hope everyone is well. Tell them all I said hello!


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