Hiking in a Sea of Color

As the air begins to grow colder and the leaves begin to change, there can be no doubt about the changing of the season. Fall is here, and with it goes the bright sunshine of Summer and the delicately beautiful flowers that accompany it. With windy days and the first real cold front already working their way through the Midwest, I’m glad we were able to experience a few warm sunny days before being forced to pull sweaters out of the back of our closets, and begin hibernating under heaps of blankets… or maybe that’s just me… Have I mentioned I don’t like the cold?!?!

Anyway, this past weekend not only contained the warm sunny days I speak of, but also my older brothers birthday (and boy is he getting old!! 🙂 ), so in celebration my family spend some time bonding on the hiking trails at Pere Marquette State Park… along with basically every other person from the area… Who knew my big bro was so popular!!!

Since the weather was so nice, I can only assume that they were actually worshiping the late afternoon sun while taking in the beauty of the river road lined with colorful trees. Sometimes going somewhere beautiful only requires a tank of gas and some place familiar and close to home, but beauty no matter where it exists deserves to be appreciated, and the colors of fall where ever you may be are no exception to that rule. While I don’t like being forced to layer clothing and wear socks, I do love the vibrant colors of fall and the way the leaves appear iridescent in the sunlight.


the many colors of a changing tree


sometimes its good to stand out like a bright colored leaf


My brother Thomas and my (only) Nephew Tir


the bright sun made the leaves glow


The last of the summer flowers

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