On my way home from hiking last weekend, I pulled over on a country road in the heart of Illinois to enjoy the perfect sunset I was driving into. I snapped a few photos, including the one above from behind some wildflowers that were growing alongside a soy bean field. As I was writing my post, I couldn’t find a way to fit this photo in naturally, but couldn’t resist the urge to share it with all of you. Hope you all had a great weekend and don’t have a case of the Monday’s tomorrow.

– Cheers, Susan



Country Sunset

4 thoughts on “Country Sunset

  1. Love how you continue your travel writing from your own “backyard”! Gorgeous photograph! A friend of mine is a free-lance writer who writes articles for various travel magazines. She sits in different coffee shops around town, researches online the requested places, and writes. Never goes to any of the spots! You’ve got the gift – perhaps you can do the same! Midwest Living or other regional publications may be looking for you!


    • Thank you Aunt Mindy! It’s a little strange to be writing about places I grew up going to, but it’s also kind of fun to share them with others. I have to say that your friend has a cool job, except she’s missing out because half the fun of writing about a place is visiting it. I suppose that’s why I’ve kept blogging – I love to go places.


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