Blood Moon

Early yesterday morning all of North America and part of South America were treated to a lunar eclipse. Around 1 am CST here in the States, I found myself laying on the ground in the freezing cold, watching as the earth made its way between the moon and the sun, and the sunset/sunrise taking place on the other side of the world was reflected back into the moon turning it a beautiful shade of orange red. This phenomenon is known as a blood moon, and will be taking place 3 more times over the course of the next year and a half.

To the naked eye, the eclipse was visible, but just barely. I could clearly see the curvature of the earth blackening the moon’s surface as the minutes ticked by, but I wouldn’t have been able to truly experience it without my trusty camera. I own a Nikon Coolpix, which isn’t super fancy as far as cameras are concerned, but is certainly nice enough for someone like me who has never taken a photography class in their life. I’m very impressed with how my photos turned out for my lack of equipment and experience, and loved being able to take in a closer view of the eclipse without a telescope.

As I laid there imagining what the whole event must look like from space, I began to feel very small. As I watched the color seep onto the surface of the moon, the way blood runs down an object, I understood the eerie meaning of the term blood moon. It’s amazing the things that happen far outside the borders of our own planet, and I’m happy I gave up sleep to witness it. So for those of you who weren’t able to be in Illinois with me laying on the cold concrete watching the universe align, I hope you enjoy my photos of the blood moon eclipse.












6 thoughts on “Blood Moon

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  2. This is beautiful Susan. You should turn this into the newspaper. Give them an idea of how beautifully you can write. How about referring people to your blog? Grandma


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