This past week brought about “snowpocalypse”, “the snow storm of the century”, “snowmageddon”, and any other variation you care to think up in relation to snowfall and end of the world scenarios. People rushed to the supermarkets in search of bread, milk and eggs… apparently no one shops for anything else when bad weather hits… and everyone locked themselves inside until the worst had passed. After all is said and done, 10 inches of snow covers the ground outside while wickedly fierce winds created snow drifts, and below zero temperatures make the state of Illinois colder than the entire state of Alaska.

This is probably the most intense winter I’ve experienced since I was a child, and despite having to shovel snow in bitterly cold temperatures, I rather enjoy being stuck inside with a legit excuse to do nothing. Although the world didn’t end (please contain your shock), I have to say that it’s been nice spending time with my parents. Although my hometown is admittedly the last place I wanted to end up after such an exciting trip, for now it’s not such a bad place to be.

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