Back in Illinois

Apparently Texas and I were not meant to be. A little over 3 months after transplanting myself within the Lone Star state in hopes of finding a job, I have returned to my hometown just as unemployed as the day I left. While I’m not excited about the onslaught of cold weather ( e.g. sleet, snow, and ice) which will soon cover the ground around me, I am still optimistic about life and my pursuit of grownup activities (e.g. steady employment) that will hopefully afford me more adventures like the one I catapulted myself into this past summer. With all of that being said, I will try my best to find interesting travel-related things to write about in hopes of keeping your interest. I will, however, warn you in advance that it might be some time before such a post appears on this blog as there is little in the way of interesting sights and/or attractions close to my location. More importantly its cold outside… and I hate venturing out into cold weather more than almost anything else.

4 thoughts on “Back in Illinois

  1. What kind of job are you looking for? I also need to find employment now that I am back but I am not sure what to look for. I find it quiet hard I have to say …. Best of luck for the job hunting!


    • I’m hoping to find something Marketing/Communications related, but as you said it’s hard to find a job, so I’m trying to be open-minded about employment opportunities. Hopefully I’ll find something soon. Best of luck in your job search as well!


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