The Umlauf Way

Let me start by apologizing for my recent lack of blogging in the last few weeks. I finally found a small form of income, which will hopefully help keep me here in Austin, and has been keeping me busy as of late. Hopefully I will be making up for my lack of blogging now by writing about my newest touristy-type activity here in Austin. Having a free weekend from said acquired job, I decided to head into the city to check out the Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum in Zilker park. The place itself is named after the famous American sculptor Charles Umlauf, and all of the sculptures found on its grounds were donated by the artist himself back in 1985.

As some sort of cosmic gift for the hard time life seems to be giving me, I found myself arriving at the sculpture garden and museum on a free day that left $4 in my pocket and increased the good mood I was already experiencing. Sadly, despite my hopes that the universe still held some fondness for me, I later learned that this phenomenon happens every first weekend of the month in Austin… and applies to all museums in the city.

The museum promotes itself as a child-friendly place, but with all the nude statues, biblical figures, and frankly downright creepy images everywhere you turn, I’m not sure I’d recommend bringing your children here. While they might not have a clue what they’re looking at, it’s still probably not their idea of a fun afternoon and there are much more child-friendly places to visit in Austin.

If you’re not planning on bringing your children here, it’s a nice little museum to visit if you have a little time to spare. It took me about 20 minutes to walk through the entire garden area despite the crowd the free weekend brought along with it.

My favorite statues were “Icarus” and “Seated Bather” above, as they seemed to grab my attention and attract the light in more interesting angles than most of the others scattered about the shady grounds. They also seemed to be two of the statues that attracted the most attention from some of the other visitors the afternoon I was there. Since I was already in Zilker park, I spent a little time enjoying the afternoon sun in one of the many open areas available, before heading back to Round Rock for dinner with my extended family.

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