Can You Ever Come Back?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my trip to Southeast Asia. It’s been months since I was on the road, and yet I still feel a pull to the experiences and adventures it brought into my life. I know that I am incredibly fortunate to have experienced every moment of my 4 months on the road, but my reminiscing brings up a larger and more important question: Can you ever really come back from an extended trip abroad?




3 thoughts on “Can You Ever Come Back?

    • Hey Aunt Mindy! I wasn’t really speaking physically, but rather mentally. Something inside changes after traveling for so long and the way you look at and experience the world changes because of it. While my journey may now be different, the previous one will continue to be a large part of who I am. Can’t wait to see you at Christmas and hear about your trip to Africa! Tell everyone hi for me. Love you!


      • Love you too! I know exactly what you mean. Those changes can be unsettling, even lead to depression [did to me]. And travel does change your perspective on everything. You decide how to maximize those changes and make them work for you. In the broader view, it’s all good!


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