Job Hunting in Austin

Being unemployed was the ultimate dream while traveling, but now that I’m no longer slinging a pack over my shoulder and wandering with ease to whatever place suits my fancy, I have to become a normal everyday American… with a job. Like I mentioned in my last post, I’m in Texas hoping to accomplish this task so I can begin the next chapter of my life, and hopefully find a place to call home for a while. Admittedly, job hunting was the one thing I was dreading the closer my trip came to its end. Even on the road you can’t avoid the questions surrounding what comes after your adventure comes to a close. I found myself with the same answer I had when the adventure began. I don’t know.  The truth was, I didn’t, and on some level I still don’t.

I was taking a gamble by packing my bags and moving all the way out here in hopes of starting over and getting away from my hometown once again, and so far the gamble hasn’t paid off. I’ve been here a few weeks, posting resumes everywhere I can think of and applying for jobs left and right. I find myself constantly wondering if I’ve made the right decision. Austin has a strong job market and a lower unemployment rate than a lot of places in the country, which is why I chose to spend some time occupying my aunt and uncle’s guest bedroom. It’s not an ideal situation, but I’m broke, unemployed, and have an instinctive need to be anywhere other than the place I was born (Sorry Mom and Dad).

So here I am, writing this post, hoping my phone will ring and a legitimate job interview will be on the other end. I know I can’t be alone in my hatred of job hunting, so for now I’m just going to have to trust the little voice in my head that keeps telling me it’ll all work out and hold on to the peace I’ve found within myself. This my friends is real life… and it’s here to wake me from a dream.

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