1 Day in Phuket Town

Let me just start by saying that any place you go to after leaving an island as beautiful as Koh Phi Phi is automatically a letdown. Phuket Town was no different. When the ferry arrived at the dock and I found myself in a van headed towards the center of the city, I couldn’t help but notice how un-beautiful my surroundings were. Like most places in Thailand, there was trash thrown about everywhere you looked. At this point in my trip the sight of trash in both piles and scattered about the land is normal to me, but for some reason the sight of it in Phuket left me with a distaste in my mouth. Couple that with the fact that the van driver tried to drop me off at a shopping mall when I asked for accommodation, and I already wasn’t impressed. I booked a room for the night in the first guesthouse I came to in the old quarter, named D’s Corner Guesthouse, and asked for directions to the bus station. The owner is a very sweet lady who happily provided me with directions to a bus stop where I could catch a bus to take me to bus station 2 to purchase a ticket. Feeling confident I set out and only got turned around a few times before finding the stop I needed. I stood there for at least 15 minutes while countless buses passed by, before deciding to hail a taxi instead. After a little negotiating I got the price down, and the driver kindly took me to the station and back. After I returning to my guesthouse, I set out in search of something to eat. There weren’t very many options in the area, as all the stores seemed to be selling mechanical parts/services, printing services, or cloth, but eventually I found a Chinese-Thai fusion restaurant a few block down and ordered something to eat. The food was good, like most of the food I’ve eaten in Thailand, and as it was getting dark and there wasn’t much nightlife to be had in the area, I headed back to my guesthouse to entertain myself until bedtime.


Cloth store fronts


Pile of cloth

The next morning  I woke up and began repacking my bag. I’m really not a fan of staying somewhere for 1 day as I always need that one item at the bottom of my pack, so I have to unload it all to get to it. Once I was done, I set out in search of breakfast. Most of the shops were still closed, or just opening, and there wasn’t a lot to choose from food wise so I ended up at a small shop that serves roti. I ordered Banana Roti, and chatted with both the husband and wife who own and cook respectively. Apparently the wife’s great-great grandfather moved to Phuket from India where his family had been making Roti for generations. The tradition continues on 7 generations later in the shop where I ate my very first Roti. It was delicious and if you ever get the chance to try it do! Before I left, I asked if I could take her photo, and she very happily told me yes and even smiled while making someone else’s food.


Making Roti

After this meal and a little more wandering around, Phuket Town had grown on me a little bit, but was still very much overshadowed by Koh Phi Phi. I negotiated a ride to the bus station with the guesthouse owner and set out for another 13 hour ride to Bangkok.

March 22 (Night I arrived) Total: 1890 Baht or $64.59 for ferry, bus, taxi, 1 night in the guesthouse, bus ticket, food and drinks.

March 23 (Day I left) Total: 305 Baht or $10.42 for food and drinks on the bus to Bangkok

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