A Weekend in Tucson

I know I said that my next post would be about my itinerary, but when I wrote that I hadn’t anticipated having a weekend worth mentioning. After having so much fun the last few days, I decided to delay revealing my itinerary to bring you a post about the very Tucson weekend I just had. I wish I could say it started with an incredibly interesting Friday evening, but thanks to the 6 immunization shots I got earlier that afternoon, this is not the case. By Saturday I could move my arms again and wasn’t feeling quite so light-headed, so I decided to make the most of my day. I  ran a few errands, sold some lamps on Craigslist, and attended my very first rodeo and barn yard dance.

That’s right… I just said rodeo and barn yard dance. I bet that you didn’t see that one coming. I’ll admit that initially I was hesitant about going to both the rodeo and the dance, having never been before, but ultimately I’m happy I did. It was a unique experience and a fun afternoon involving good people, entertainment, junk food, and a lesson in two-stepping. Apparently I’m a natural… or the guy who taught me is a really good liar.

Then Sunday I headed over to Bookmans to sell some of my things, and afterwards ventured over to the Tucson Gem and Mineral show. If you’re a little bit of a nerd and/or female, then it’s hard not to love the excessive amount of sparkly things found at this show. It was well worth the $10 entrance fee, and this years theme was Fluorite: Colors of the Rainbow, so everywhere you looked fluorite was on display or for sale. I walked away with a camera full of photos and an adorable elephant charm on a leather cord. All in all a great afternoon.

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