Travel Prepping

Hey WordPress followers, sorry I’ve been incommunicado recently. I’ve been so busy taking care of some of the things on my checklist that I’ve forgotten about blogging along the way… Well that and I’ve been on a movie marathon kick as I say goodbye to all my DVD’s. I’m currently working on getting my immunizations and creating an itinerary for my trip next month (I can’t believe I leave in 30 days!!!). I’ve also been picking up some things I’m going to need during my trip like the all important trekking pack pictured below. It’s a Deuter ACT lite 60 liter pack. It’s a little bigger than I was initially thinking I wanted, but it’s a slim fitting women’s pack that has no front access to the main compartment… plus it’s a pretty shade of blue.


Admittedly, I was little worried about finding a pack I liked in time, so I’m happy to say I’ve marked it off my list. I’ve also purchased a few other small things I didn’t already own like a few carabiners, some good leather-bound journals, and a long skirt for diversifying the wardrobe a bit. Despite all of this I still have a lot of things to check off the list so I’ll keep you posted on all the exciting purchases I’m making. I can sense that you’re all dying of anticipation already.

Look for my next post on my Itinerary this weekend!!

4 thoughts on “Travel Prepping

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  2. I didn’t realize the GrayEyedWanderer was your blog! Otherwise, I would have been following you! I applaud your writing! It’s very cohesive and eloquent, in my very humble opinion.

    So the Capital T Travel Bug bit! I’m sure your parents are worried about your solo journey. They’ve spent the last 25 years (including in utero) doing everything in their power to protect you and clear obstacles from your path. You are their pride and joy and you will always be their baby girl. Truly. So as you begin this adventure, spend part of your time helping them understand your choices and clearing the obstacles out of their path to peace of mind. They certainly deserve that. Give them as much ease of mind as you can by demonstrating your calm, patience and maturity, and respect their concerns. Share your planning and preparation. They want to support you and you will benefit in every way from that support.

    When we moved to Europe with 2 little boys and a dog, we had to bank as many risks as we possibly could and it took us 2 years to prepare. We also had to pad our financial cushion, anticipating unexpected situations that were bound to arise. And arise they did!

    Rick Steves is one of my favorite travel gurus and he is a big proponent in traveling with what you need, Here is his advice for solo women travelers:

    As you said, you’ve done a lot of research and you can’t do too much! We all love you dearly, Susan. I hope this will be a wonderful adventure for you. Keep those bridges intact without setting any aflame.


    • Thanks for the advise and the link about the solo female travelers aunt Mindy. The capital T travel bug certainly did bite me. I’ll try to do my best at keeping mom and dad informed. I feel like my mom will be more apt to listen once the shock of being told about everything finally subsides, so when that day comes I will so my best to ease their minds about my adventure. Tell uncle Ed I say hi! Love you!!


      • Since you have 19 days til departure, I hope you’ll use those 19 opportunities to quell their fears for your safety. Call them frequently and share where you’ll be staying and why you chose it. How you will get around and how much you expect to spend each day. Give them a chance to sleep at night without worry and let them catch your enthusiasm! They love you so much it hurts, especially right now.


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