Seven Falls

One of the best things about relocating to Tucson, Arizona at the beginning of my AmeriCorps term was the prospect of lots of places to go hiking. I grew up in Illinois where good hiking is hard to come by due to the lack of elevation. Since I love the outdoors I try to go hiking as often as I can, and in as many places as I can in the area. I’ve been in Tucson almost a year now, and have definitely done my share of hiking. The one thing I hadn’t accomplished yet was hiking the 7 Falls Trail in Sabino Canyon when there was running water. This past weekend I finally changed that.


View of the Falls as you approach

There’s a moment when you round a corner and see the falls directly opposite you that makes the whole hike worth while. I took a moment here to appreciate the view before continuing down to the end of the trail.


End of the trail view

Once you finally come to the end of the trail your view will be something like the photo above. There aren’t as many people lounging around the falls as you’ll find along the rest of the trail, but there will be a few others enjoying the reward of their hike.


Main Section of the Falls

As I relaxed I played with my new camera and took a few close-up shots of the falls in front of me like the one above.


One of the falls lower down

Below the end of the trail are a few more falls. The first of the two I could see is in the photo above. After adventuring around it for a little while I hiked back up towards the main section of falls to the largest in the photo below.


One of the largest falls near the top

If you’re in Tucson I’d recommend making a day trip out to Sabino Canyon for the 7 Falls Hike. It’s a moderately difficult trail and if you go when water is flowing it will be well worth the trip as you can see from the pictures above. If your experience level is a little lower there are tons of trails through Sabino Canyon that will offer beautiful desert scenery without the length.

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